Shungite purifies industrial waste water from petrochemicals

As a sorbent for water purifying from various industrial contaminants, as well as domestic sewage, a granular filter filled with shungite of Novocarbon 10 grade was installed. Since shungites with a carbon content of about 30% have a total porosity of 5- 10%, a significant internal surface (in the range of 10-30 m2 / g), […]

Detox your skin: Sungite makes it Super easy!

Detox your biggest organ daily, that sounds hard! Nope just by swapping your regular soap for a silver activated shungite soap you will being giving your first line of defense the best boost and cleanse daily…so simple and so easy, and so enjoyable too with citrus eruptions of organic essential oils blend of lime, grapefruit, […]

SHUNGITE:Packs a powerful punch with only the tiniest pinch!

Shungite Powder is simply amazing: Fullerene’s are 500 TIMES MORE POTENT THAN VITAMIN C in antioxidants. They (FULLERENE’S) can also Bio-accumulate, meaning build up in your system, unlike Vitamin C which will be discarded if not used by the body within 24 hours. Shungite has 108 trace minerals needed for optimum health. Carbon has the […]

Shungite in St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Shungite in St. Isaac’s Cathedral. In the decoration of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Montferrand used various types of marble and granite as decorative elements. Tivdi and Ruskeala marble, Shokshin porphyry, and shungite mined in Karelia were widely used in the decoration of the cathedral. St. Isaac’s Cathedral was built over forty years from 1818 to 1858. […]

Radiation Protection Requested By Radiography Nurse

Requested By Radiography Nurse who is very aware of the dangers of Radiation and Emf in Hospital setting So we have created SHUNGITE RETRACTABLE CARABINER Badge Reels with Horizontal Half Card Badge Holders for Pos & Swipe Cards: Emf Radiation Protection. Introductory sale till the 18th October:…/shungite-retractable…/ Please share, many thanks Cassie and Rich […]

Mask up to rid your self of your Migraine!

One of our very popular silver activated shungite products is our Eyemaks, they do a astounding job for people with migraines, inspired to make them for macular degeneration its just wonderful to get testimonials from people using their glasses less! Orders shipped fast: Mask is perfect, I find I have a better sleep with […]

Fullerenes absorb electromagnetic energy

The Nih published on Nov 20th 2013 that they had developed nanostructures that can recover their shape by absorbing electromagnetic energy, they had produced fullerenes that they were embedding into their fabricated nanolens arrays. Beside the energy absorption, such addition enables a remarkable enhancement in mechanical properties of shape memory polymer Sohee Jeon’s team stated. […]