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The 20-30 Billion RPM of the Miracle Molecule in shungite:

1. A radiation absorbing storage molecule comprising: a Buckminsterfullerene C60 molecule; and a radioactive material encapsulated within the Buckminsterfullerene C60 molecule; wherein the C60 molecule has an electronically closed shell and is controlled to rotate at a minimum speed of 3×1010 s-1 to trap harmful radiation emitted by the encapsulated radioactive material.

want a larger cucumber next year? Simply add some shungite!

It was revealed that the introduction of solutions of C60 fullerenol in various concentrations (1 mg/kg, 10 mg/kg, and 100 mg/kg) into soddy-podzolic sandy loamy soil contributed to the activation of the processes of nitrogen transformation in the soil, in particular, the enhancement of the process of nitrification, and to the increase in the content […]

Shungite purifies industrial waste water from petrochemicals

As a sorbent for water purifying from various industrial contaminants, as well as domestic sewage, a granular filter filled with shungite of Novocarbon 10 grade was installed. Since shungites with a carbon content of about 30% have a total porosity of 5- 10%, a significant internal surface (in the range of 10-30 m2 / g), […]