Viper Stones

When unusually high temperatures caused the bacterial infections rendering the local water unsafe for consumption during the conflict, Peter the Greats’ army won, as he had already ordered all soldiers to carry Shungite stones also called ‘Viper’ stones in their canteens. This kept them healthy in contrast to their Swedish counterparts. On the 20th March 1719 Peter the Great established the ‘Marcial Waters’ or ‘Mars the God of War’ Resort in Karelia. He declared “This water cures various cruel illnesses, in particular: scurvy, morbid depression, gall, stomach weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea, stones, kidneys, and has great power against other illnesses.” ‘Viper’ Stones have a very interesting results when popped into a gematria calculator as the top results come up as ‘bigger better stronger’ ‘Eternal Healing Frequencies’ ‘Unearthly’and ‘Yahway’