Fullerenes absorb electromagnetic energy

The Nih published on Nov 20th 2013 that they had developed nanostructures that can recover their shape by absorbing electromagnetic energy, they had produced fullerenes that they were embedding into their fabricated nanolens arrays. Beside the energy absorption, such addition enables a remarkable enhancement in mechanical properties of shape memory polymer Sohee Jeon’s team stated. […]

latest Reading Material on nano silver infused shungite applications and efficacy

Introduction. The prospect of treating shungite in various ways to increase its absorption properties and increase the efficiency of water treatment during beverage production is shown. Materials and methods. Drinking water was prepared using shungite activated, activated and modified by nanosilver, activated, steam treated and modified by nanosilver. Photometric, spectrometric, chemical and potentiometric methods of […]

‘Fullerenes absorb electromagnetic energy’

Here we have a great study that we can state that ‘Fullerenes absorb electromagnetic energy’ and so that’s great news for Shungite! as they contain the same fullerenes: ‘We demonstrated the shape memory nanolens array that contains fullerenes not only to absorb electromagnetic energy but also to reinforce the nanostructure. In particular, Young’s modulus of […]

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‘Expect Miracles’ (Digital Download) Inspiring Information, Transformations & More! Join the Oraphim Artist’s on their Journey, to inspire, produce, deliver, and meet the many healed souls that shungite has transformed. Expect Miracles Shungite Transformations, Testimonial’s, Research and more 55 pages covering many topics including in depth content covering Water Purification methods, Pyramid Healing Techniques, DNA […]

“unobtanium” is SHUNGITE in the Avatar movie!

“unobtanium” is SHUNGITE in the Avatar movie! its the elite shungite stone that is shown in the film… It was first used in The Core in 2003,[16] and also used in James Cameron’s 2009 movie Avatar, as a substance that was named “unobtanium”. In Avatar, it is a room-temperature superconductor mined on the fictional moon […]

Improvement of acne vulgaris by topical fullerene application: unique impact on skin care

Shungite Soap and healing Balm are amazing for the skin especially getting rid of blemeshes and heres a study proving this too: The mean number of inflammatory lesions (erythematous papules and pustules) significantly decreased (reduction rate 23.2%) (reduction rate 37.8%), respectively. The number of pustules, consisting of accumulation of neutrophils, was significantly decreased (reduction rate […]