“unobtanium” is SHUNGITE in the Avatar movie!

“unobtanium” is SHUNGITE in the Avatar movie! its the elite shungite stone that is shown in the film… It was first used in The Core in 2003,[16] and also used in James Cameron’s 2009 movie Avatar, as a substance that was named “unobtanium”. In Avatar, it is a room-temperature superconductor mined on the fictional moon […]

Improvement of acne vulgaris by topical fullerene application: unique impact on skin care

Shungite Soap and healing Balm are amazing for the skin especially getting rid of blemeshes and heres a study proving this too: The mean number of inflammatory lesions (erythematous papules and pustules) significantly decreased (reduction rate 23.2%) (reduction rate 37.8%), respectively. The number of pustules, consisting of accumulation of neutrophils, was significantly decreased (reduction rate […]

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Covid And Fullerenes (shungite): preventing spike protein attachment Recent studies on nanomaterials such as fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and graphene showed that they possess anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-oxidant and anti-HIV properties: Stabilizing interactions between fullerenes and the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. Furthermore, a recent experimental [26] study showed that the lipid layer present in the virus of […]

latest article featuring Shungite and us at Oraphim! read it here: http://ow.ly/7Zj450KseWY

A Bit About Us: Rich and i who are the founders of Oraphim, and come from backgrounds in grass roots creative community’s and council estates, both struggled with school education but progressed into teaching and medical professions, both saw first hand the lack of true healing provided by mainstream options and met when we had […]

Shungite rocks the scientific world!

SHUNGITE ROCKS THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD, IT CAN ROCK YOURS TOO!   ARTICLE By Cassie Limb (Oraphim: Shungite Solutions)   SHUNGITE is becoming widely used as the best alternative to charcoal for purification water treatment for many reasons, as it out performs its carbon counterpart many times over. With the additional benefit of not needing to be replaced, […]