want a larger cucumber next year? Simply add some shungite!

It was revealed that the introduction of solutions of C60 fullerenol in various concentrations (1 mg/kg, 10 mg/kg, and 100 mg/kg) into soddy-podzolic sandy loamy soil contributed to the activation of the processes of nitrogen transformation in the soil, in particular, the enhancement of the process of nitrification, and to the increase in the content of mobile forms of some macro- and microelements in the soil as well as of the latter in plant organs, for example, in cucumber plants, especially in their leaves. Along with this, the plants showed an increase in the content of photosynthetic pigments, a predominant decrease in the activity of the oxidative enzyme peroxidase and in the intensity of lipid peroxidation, and an increase in the content of the reducing enzyme catalase. The improvement in the physiological state of plants had a positive effect on the growth rates of cucumber plants https://www.mdpi.com/2311-7524/9/7/828