Mask up to rid your self of your Migraine!

One of our very popular silver activated shungite products is our Eyemaks, they do a astounding job for people with migraines, inspired to make them for macular degeneration its just wonderful to get testimonials from people using their glasses less! Orders shipped fast: Mask is perfect, I find I have a better sleep with my mask and my eyes do feel that bit better too. I’ve stopped wearing my glasses as often too. This is one of my favourite shops 🙏🏼Dorit Phipps I LOVE this sleeping mask! First, it got rid of my eye pain and headache. I have been sleeping better since getting/wearing this mask. My sleep is deeper and more restful. I have other sleep masks and I don’t feel as rested in the morning with them as I do with this mask. Positioned correctly it blocks the light beautifully.noell2730 Noticed a better nights sleep already! Super fast posting, carefully packaged, very happy with purchase! 5* Etsy sellers, thank you xOtaku1986 This eye mask just feels soothing and calming the minute I put it on! It doesn’t have a single elasticated strap holding it in place like a lot of eye masks, but a velcro fastener option instead .. so you can just recline with it resting lightly over your eyes if you want, without having to fasten it every time .. I like this option because as a therapist, I can just pop the mask over a client’s eyes perhaps while they are having energy-healing or massage, but just easily pop the mask off when I’m working on acupressure points around the eyes without disturbing the client too much. Making it a super versatile bit of my therapy kit that is practical, comfortable, easy to clean, and adds a really nice “energy” to treatments … as well as for personal use too.Eileen 25 Apr, 2023 I have been stunned by how good it is for my headaches and even on a toothache.Amanda Whelan 10 May, 2023