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A Bit About Us: Rich and i who are the founders of Oraphim, and come from backgrounds in grass roots creative community’s and council estates, both struggled with school education but progressed into teaching and medical professions, both saw first hand the lack of true healing provided by mainstream options and met when we had learnt so much, we now combine our knowledge and utlise our creative skills to produce powerful shungite solutions for health and well-being that are also unique and beautiful just like our customers. Within a few difficult years going through this global trauma that is occurring right now, we have grown into an amazing team, including partners in Singapore and throughout the UK, stocked in shops and with our resellers who we train in all aspects of the production process of silver infused shungite, can truly and wholeheartedly know they are part of someones transformation. we have received thousands of reviews and testimonials and we look forward to helping even more.