The Quantum Conundrum

The quantum conundrum Minerals all have functions, and these functions differ in outcomes according to different amounts being used, a poisonous plant can be use to heal for example rhododendron leaves are toxic but for a damaged liver the correct dose of leaf in a tea can be use to stimulate healing, essentially the pHARMaceutical industrial complex create chemical compounds with a concoction of ingredients which can give relief from symptoms without any healing benefits as this is a great business model as the customer will keep using the products. When we consider the sympathetic resonance aspect of healing outcomes our bodies cells have a blue print, given the correct environment our cells respond and correct themselves, frequency healing is about creating that environment for the healing to occur naturally allowing the body to access it’s original blue print. For a musical example when Rich plays guitar in particular tunings which are not the modern A=440 which was brought in by the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundation in the 1960’s to much resistance, as traditionally it was A=432 the notes frequency is in sympathetic resonance naturally with every cell in our body, the listener not only hears the music but also feels it deeply within. What we see with shungite is that it has nullified the toxic effects of chemicals by breaking their bonds for 5 days allowing the water to be it’s best, with our limited resources we have been able to verify this with a little scientific analysis equipment and a vital cup of tea and some time to watch the experiment reveal its truth, but this area of ground breaking research needs further cups of tea in labs with scientists who can help to development experiments to capture the quantum. When Shungite energy is able to work such as it does at the fundamental energy level of simply which direction an element must be spun to be detrimental or beneficial to the unknowing it can look like Shungite is increasing negative elements….when it is simply spinning them for your beneficial use!