Is Shungite breaking the laws of physics…?

Is Shungite breaking the laws of physics…?
By Cassie Limb (Oraphim)
‘Integrity is the essence of everything successful.’ R. Buckminster Fuller

There is increasing evidence that there is greater need to alter manmade/artificial Electromagnetic frequencies, making them bio-compatible, to neutralize the effects that cause imbalances in the human body, which lead to illness, for example our wifi saturated lives are causing ME & MS, because the harmful to nature, entripical left hand spin of these devices’ frequencies degrade the myelin sheath, on the nervous system causing it to leak proteins, but many people are getting rapid and extraordinary recovery from their symptoms, by having Oraphim Shungite products around their home or person.
As we are joyfully settling into our Christmas festive present unwrapping, these days often gifts are more wifi enabled devices, so here’s a look at how & why we can stay happy & healthy going forward, with ground breaking shungite research into understanding the topic of metamaterials, which are a result of combing shungite with silver in resin, because we want better connectivity without the damaging effects and in normal circumstances this would require the frequency to be blocked entirely, to protect the human body from the waves, so in reality we want to alter the ‘wave’ in a way to corrects its effects, from negative to positive, whilst allowing the technology to work really well, this traditionally would be breaking the commonly known ‘laws of physics.’

Agnieszka Dąbrowska states ‘It will likely surprise no one, to note the constantly growing interest in this domain. From substantial scientific papers up to the firmly based industrial production, the nanocarbon/epoxy composites [1] will probably continue to surprise us for years to come.’
Its metamaterials known as ENM’s that have shown great potential in various electromagnetic and electronic applications such as electromagnetic shielding, wave absorbing in laminated capacitors & coil-less inductors’
Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev published results from his experiments showing that the fundamentals of energy/frequency movement, has either a left or right hand spin direction, with left hand being entripical, and degrading or right hand being expansive and enhancing.

‘People should think things out fresh and not just accept conventional terms and the conventional way of doing things.’ R. Buckminster Fuller

Its interesting to reflect on Victor Georgievich Veselago (13 June 1929 – 15 September 2018)[1] who was a Russian physicist. In 1967, he was the first to publish a theoretical analysis of materials with negative permittivity,(conductivity)ε, and permeabilityμ.v(blocking/damping of charge) He published his work in a paper entitled “The Electrodynamics of Substances with Simultaneously Negative Values of ε and μ”.[2] where he envisaged such substances with simultaneous negative permittivity (conductivity) and negative permeability (blocking/damping of charge)
[] He is referring to breaking the laws of physics, and with modern toxic environments where we rely on internet connectivity, at the cost of harm to health of everything that gets in its way, we need a solution that is able to allow wifi signals to keep our technology connected without interruption and have little to no negative effects to our health, and maybe even an enhanced effect like faster internet & better connection.

The remarkable thermographic photos published by retired Wifi Warfare Officer from the USA Military Nancy L Hopkins clearly shows a much less negative effect on the body, she witnessed this unique phenomena, developed a special combination, and proved its ability to show the lack of necrosis in the head from the use of a mobile phone call, so less damaging effects from the cellular heating of the cells in the body by mobile phone use- when a small patch constituting a micro layer of Shungite & Silver combination is applied to a mobile phone.

The compound that Oraphim produces has proven it changes the quality of the electromagnetic information received by the body in a number of ways; this effect to the EMF field should be correctly known as aether perturbation.

When 3 become 1: Shungite Metamaterials
Oraphim discovered the work of Nancy L Hopkins at ‘Cosmic reality’ who were utilizing different elements to become a metamaterial, we will continue further into an exploration of the topic looking at the remarkable results, examining properties of 3 separate materials and some related studies in response to incredulous social media cry’s we hear of ‘Really!! Is it breaking the laws of physics?!’
Our 3 musketeers: silver, silica and shungite- fullerenes

Oraphim are utilizing shungite which happens to have 57% of its mass made up of silica, as well as the fact that when silica is present in a metamaterial is has been stated to be able to function with intelligent frequency selection, even in a thin thickness (0.1 mm). ([])

‘When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.’ R. Buckminster Fuller

Oraphim Artists Rich Spray & Cassie Limb have a passion for uniquely beautiful & creative solutions incorporating shungite, and have developed dichroic decorative effects that capture the magpie in us all, these beautiful harmonizing items are essential in our modern everyday toxic environments, required for purifying water and airwaves to helping the body find new levels of wellness, the basis to their work is combining silver with its unique optical properties with the 3rd state of carbon- Shungite.

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. R. Buckminster Fuller

Combing silvers plasmonic nanoparticles with shungite, which also constitutes the diamagnetic silica to create an epsilion negative material, these materials with negative permittivity are described as epsilon-negative materials (ENMs) this makes them conductive, these composites are novel and unique unlike conventional materials, as a result due to the individual elements being combined, they become more than the sum of their parts.

Here’s some relevant and interesting facts for each one:
Silica is diamagnetic, causing a repelling force
The electrical conductivity of vitreous silica is of about 5 × 10− 12 S/cm at 300 °C and it increases fast with increasing Na2O (Sodium oxide is a chemical compound with the formula Na₂O. It is used in ceramics and glasses) content, reaching a value of 3 × 10− 6 S/cm for 10 mol% of this oxide at the same temperature [2].15 Oct 2012[] Silica is now combined in telecommunications systems in the soft magnetic alloys to increase speed and connectivity for transmission of informational frequencies. Shungite fullerenes (containing silica) have a recorded spin of 20-30 billion rps, with right hand spin, which is expansive.

Silver is a plasmonic material, so in the visible/optical spectrum the generation, detectional, manipulation of signal occurs along metal dielectric interfaces, this is referring to its highly conductive nature.
Here Mazin Mustafa from Oklahoma State University commenting on a metamaterials which contain silver having contradictory behaviors:
‘A negative refractive index means that the direction of electric flux density D is opposite to the direction of electric field intensity E, this happens for plasmonic materials such as gold and silver. This strange behavior is explained by the interband transitions taking over the intraband transitions (Drude) at optical frequencies. Also, the relation between the electric field E and magnetic field H is left-handed (i.e., the H cross E gives the direction of propagation k in contrast to the regular scenario of E cross H gives k direction). Similar effects can be obtained by metamaterials.

Published in 2016 by sciencedirect, an interesting finding is that the C60 fullerene is more powerful than that of the C70, which is interesting to note when people attribute greater effectiveness to Grade 1 ‘Elite’ which is the more expensive shiny silver looking version to its black dustier counterpart, Grade 2 classified stone, they state:
‘We have investigated spin related processes in fullerene C60 devices using several experimental techniques, which include magnetic field effect of photocurrent and electroluminescence in C60-based diodes; spin polarized carrier injection in C60-based spin-valves; and pure spin current generation in NiFe/C60/Pt trilayer devices. We found that the ‘curvature-related spin orbit coupling’ in C60 plays a dominant role in the obtained spin-related phenomena.’
fullerenes (C60 and C70) films were successfully used to fabricate spin-valve devices with an Fe3O4/AlO/fullerenes (C60 or C70)/Co/Al stacking structure to get an insight for spin conserved electron transport behaviors in C60 and C70 films. The magnetoresistance (MR) effects in these devices were investigated at both room and low temperatures. As reducing measurement temperature, the MR ratios increased in both fullerenes (C60 and C70) based devices due to the reduction of spin scattering. It is worth noting that the MR ratio in C60 based devices is around one order of magnitude larger than that of C70 based devices at room temperature

Oraphim have interacted with many people over the last 7 years, exploring & sharing shungite information and creating opportunities for people to have hands-on experiences which result in physical sensations often described as repelling magnets, this leads to more questions, than providing answers!
When people physically interact with shungite or an Oraphim metamaterial product, a magnetic field is detected by the human experience,often described as ‘repelling’ as opposed to attracting, is this because of the diamagnetic repelling effect of the silica?
Mobile handsets are reported to give off much less heat from electromagnetic radiation, is this because the frequency is attenuated by the intelligent frequency direction changing combination in this metamaterial, that results in friction not causing the heat from left to right hand spin?
Is this why the electromagnetic field/aura/frequency of the human body is dramatically altered as in the kerlian photography experiment conducted by Oraphim shows such a difference by wearing this combination, produced into a metamaterial beautifully set into a unique pendant?
It has been witnessed that this metamaterial had blocked the charging current via wireless charging, as well as on many occasion the wifi signal has altered to be a better connection signal or faster download speed, these increased & rectified wifi signals of many devices being the results of intelligent modulation & attenuation of the signal, with many hundreds of positive physical sensations being experienced through handling these patches & products produced by Cosmic Reality and also by Oraphim in the UK.

What’s possible next?
It seems that it is possible that this metamaterial IS the exception to the rule, the one that breaks the laws of physics that people tout as unbreakable, holding these laws up on high denying the possibility of what has been produced for exactly these technological times, in a world full of limitless combinations and possibilities, let’s look towards the way forward, forging a new path with infinite possibilities for new technology that is inherently safe, effective, expansive, let’s look at developing shungite in devices to the point of over unity as its already used in photovoltaic solar panels and new battery technology, where, currently at oraphim we are only using shungite to enhance the electrical consumption of household devices to boost efficiency, lets look to a future where quantum aether perturbation where the requirement for payment in debt pledges and cash become irrelevant and obsolete because shungite fullerenes have the ability to provide limitless power solutions, with no need for monthly bills?

We don’t know what we can achieve yet, we have not finished trying i say!

Final Word from Cassie limb:
We are but thought and action in progress, righting & re-writingthe cry’s of the ‘educated’, these spurts spur on the creative potentials & unbounding enthusiasm, for experiencing the everlasting impression they make, & part they play, in the now moment.
For the progression, one step closer, to the endlessness, the striving of civilization, onward, towards my duvet, pillows and to dream realities.
Article By Cassie Limb ….one for all and all for one!

One in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a wage. R. Buckminster Fuller