“unobtanium” is SHUNGITE in the Avatar movie!

“unobtanium” is SHUNGITE in the Avatar movie! its the elite shungite stone that is shown in the film… It was first used in The Core in 2003,[16] and also used in James Cameron’s 2009 movie Avatar, as a substance that was named “unobtanium”. In Avatar, it is a room-temperature superconductor mined on the fictional moon Pandora that makes crewed interstellar space travel to the planet financially feasible.[17] Shungite is electrically conductive also and effects the magnetic field amazing to see it used in the films, interesting to note the planet is called ‘Pandora’ in the mythology tale of pandoras box, it is Cassandra who opens the box with the last thing to emerge from the box is hope, i am Cassandra the joint founder of Oraphim shungite with Rich! So Rich & I are off the enjoy the Avatar 2 film today!