Shungite rocks the scientific world!


ARTICLE By Cassie Limb (Oraphim: Shungite Solutions)  

SHUNGITE is becoming widely used as the best alternative to charcoal for purification water treatment for many reasons, as it out performs its carbon counterpart many times over. With the additional benefit of not needing to be replaced, due to its unique ability to blast apart chemicals by reversing their molecular spin at 20 billion times a second, instead of absorbing them, this is outlined in the book ‘Shungite Reality -a study of energy’ by N.L. Hopkins. 

Since the 1990’s shungite has been used commercially in Russia as a water purification system, as well as a tool for re- mineralization, and hydrating fluid, as most people are chronically dehydrated, due to the lack of good quality drinking water, shungite becomes the perfect solution!  

For boosting your immune systems Shungite is a great aid due to the ‘fullerenes’, proven to being antiviral/antibacterial as cited by the NIH and proven by studies conducted by Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Moscow, & Scientific Research Centre of Medical Biophysics, Sofia, Bulgaria, this was after the Nobel Prize for their discovery was awarded to Robert F. Curl, Harold W. Kroto and Richard E. Smalley in 1996, if that’s not impressive enough the work published by Rice University states that Shungite has been proven to remove radioactive cesium and strontium from water, according to researchers working with Kazan Federal University in 2017.  

With studies proving the healing ability of Shungite when skin has been damaged by Ultraviolet B Irradiation, the results proving the effectiveness for Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory conditions published by Oxid Med Cell Longev. Shungite works wonder for the body both inside and out. 

Electromagnetic frequencies come in different wave lengths and patterns and studies have shown the blocking ability of shungite by the International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research, at Oraphim we have been careful to follow the work of N. L. Hopkings (Retired Wifi/Warfare Weapons Expert for the USA Military) & Walt Silver, their deep understanding of the topic and shungite led to their discovery, that pure silver is needed to be added to shungite to give the widest range & protection from unnatural wifi/mobile frequencies, as this combination completes the corrected/attenuated treatment of these harmful waves into healthy bio-compatible waves. This is why Oraphim boost the natural capabilities of shungite with a 99.9% nano silver solution, this gives remarkable results to their wide range of shungite solutions for your body, boosting your natural healthy electrical field/auric which promotes health & well-being deep to the bones and connecting to your heart, turning your aura/field into a super emf positivity field, even changing it’s color as shown in the kerlian photography experiments, other visual validation undertaken by Hopkins & Silver was the Thermography readings showing the lowered amounts of heat produced in the body during a mobile phone call when the silver infused shungite stickers are applied to the phone, this is also backed put by hundreds of testimonials pleased to report that their mobile devices simply do not heat up any more. 

A key area of study is the harmful effects of man-made emfs on the human body, these include the damage to our nerve insulating myelin sheath, and the fact that the 5g frequency is the frequency that boils water, the danger being, is that humans are mostly water, shungite mitigates these harmful side effects of our modern era because shungite naturally stops ‘Necrosis’ which is cellular heating, along with being a natural antihistamine, which repairs damage to our nerves covering, this has now been published in The Lancet. 

Shungite has a natural magnetic field that accelerates the emf’s reversal to a healthy wave and this is mirrored within the telecommunications industry through the use of ‘Harmonising Filters’ aka ‘Shunts’ these are made from a soft magnetic alloy, and the key is ‘magnetic’ shungite is the natural quantum solution. 

Here is our overview of a few of the miraculous benefits of shungite in our digital age: 

4G 50ghrtz & 5g 60ghrtz and why shungite is the answer: 

60ghrtz 5G is the frequency that boils water molecules inside the body (of everything): Shungite stops ‘Necrosis’ which is the overheating of the body’s cells Wifi frequencies damage the myelin sheath that is the coating for our bodies nervous system: Shungite is an anti-histamine, this repairs the myelin sheath that covers our nerves that are damaged by Electromagnetic frequencies within the telecommunications towers a ‘harmonizing filter’ (aka shunt/CoVFeFe) is used to correct the frequency of the damaging electromagnetic frequencies by reversing them, shungite reverses frequencies that have a left-hand direction to them to make them spin in line with nature, this creates harmony within the environment and the body.  

Using Oraphim silver infused shungite makes your devices, that are emitting the received signals safer to be around. The shunt harmonizing filters are made from an annealed magnetic alloy, shungite displays characteristics of a naturally occurring annealed magnetic compound, silver infused Shungite creates a natural magnetic field around it that is the solution to electromagnetic disturbances where there is an unnatural square wave spinning in opposition to nature, silver infused shungite creates perfect harmony sine waves that enhance positivity and well-being.  

Shungite is a quantum adaptogen, this results in truly tailored individual outcomes, as the quantum energy infuses with your personal electrical signature, it does a system sweep and configures the exact required remedy, which it then delivers, this is all achieved by wearing an Oraphim Shungite piece of jewelry. Shungite amplifies states of wellness and positivity, with our beings resulting in extraordinary transformational experiences, for those struggling with difficult health conditions we have many testimonials of amazing positive changes, to others enjoying new heights of well-being & as I like to explain it: experiencing the icing on your own cake!  

Shungite is most well-known for its abilities to purify water and is even proven to remove radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster ‘s contaminated water, so Shungite really can rock our worlds in many ways! Expect Miracles…