Shungite water beyond doubt its amazing!

Comparing four water samples Doncaster tap water, with the use of a 15 stage filter, black and elite samples there was a momentary increase in pH of the black shungite sample from 6.2 to 6.8 alarmingly the 15 stage filter sample had risen to 8.4, the elite sample had stayed at 6.2, the test was repeated 2 minuets later and the two shungite samples were now the same 6.2 which was the same as the original Doncaster tap water sample. Other measurements showed that the instant effects on the water from both of the two types of shungite had lowered the hardness, nitrates, fluoride and the alkalinity was ‘0’. These results were much more favorable than the 15 stage filter tested along side the shungite, which is very encouraging indeed, and a true testament that shungite works instantly to turn water into the elixir for all life to benefit with out having to wait around for too long at all, with elite stones only fractionally faster then the common and cheaper black shungite.