Oraphim’s Passion is creating stunningly beautiful Shungite Solutions

with the rise of awareness of this miraculous Stone


we add the sparkle to the magical!

Here’s our Latest Presentation Video covering the massive amazing topic of Shungite:



Original Oraphim Shungite Creations Provide:

Emf Radiation Solutions 

Toxin Removal from Air & Water

Purification of Food & Drinks

Energizing of Environments for all living things

Easy Detoxing & Heavy Metal Removal

Healing Quantum Energy Release & Wellness Boost.

Oraphim are an inventive company that makes a wide range of products,

to provide instant effective results that benefit the user:

Shungite’s as easy as 123, A, B, C…

A= Attenuating: Reversing negative & Harmful wifi

B= Boosting Wellness: enhancing the positive

C= Cellular Cleansing

D= Detox: super easy

E= Energizing/Relaxing/Balancing

F= Frequencies made all in line with nature

Make Shungite your new best friend for wellness and creating healthy environments, Oraphims Shungite solutions include: 

stickers for phones/wifi, 

water purification stones & toggles,

Rapid repair Balms & Soaps 

a wide range of wearable stunning pieces and

 beautiful pyramids to get the basics covered

lots of folks wake up every day depleted, struggling for the coffee, instead add some shungite into your life and enjoy tapping into your full potential.