Together Against Cancer- Shungite Talk and Music

Together Against Cancer
Unit S1 Troon Way Business Centre
Leicester LE4 9HA
United Kingdom

tickets need to be purchased in advance as we have a limited capacity

During this inspirational session you will get to have hands on quantum energy healing experiences led by Cassie and accompanied gently by Rich on guitar, to quieten the mind and let your senses take over, you will also hear life saving and transformational testimonials along with with easy tips on how to incorporate Shungite in your life to benefit your health and well-being. So a rare treat not to be missed!

Oraphim have a wide range of products including a Shungite body care, harmonising stickers, jewelry, pyramids and many more items, all of exceptional quality.  Shungite has many amazing effects that are proven to be beneficial to health and well-being.

Combining the latest in scientific research and leading edge developments with a pioneering team, Oraphim deliver transformational tools for Mind, Body & Spirit, to achieve YOUR true potential.

Utilising silver saturated shungite to harmonise electrical devices, aid rapid healing & detox in the body and many other beneficial side effects.

Oraphim studied the Shungite stone applications and uses and found that there was a need to bring it to a wider audience to benefit our times, and that making items stunningly unique would be the best use of their creative talents.

Now with this collaboration of Earths powerful rare resource: Shungite and leading artists developing new styles and designs there is an opportunity for you to experience new EMF solutions that don’t cost the Earth but have your style and design at the heart of every creation.



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Apr 11 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 am